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Do Naltrexone Implants Work?

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Naltrexone implants may be an effective treatment method for those dealing with alcohol addiction, heroin addiction or similar ailments. These addictions can cause a lot of issues to both your physical and mental health, so finding a treatment method that can get you on the right track once more is essential for those dealing with it.

Whether you are concerned about your own opiate addiction or are concerned about a loved one, you will want to consider all of the options that are available as a treatment.

Naltrexone is one of the treatment options now available to those dealing with the addictions mentioned earlier. This powerful new tool is a form of opioid antagonist which means it blocks opioid receptors and is implanted into the body for a slow release over a long period of time.

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This can be an effective treatment for those struggling with opioid dependence. As with all treatment options, however, there are both advantages and disadvantages to naltrexone implants and this guide is going to help determine whether it is right for your patients.

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What is a Naltrexone Implant?

A naltrexone implant is made of small medication pellets which are inserted under the skin.

These pellets contain naltrexone which can be an effective means of treating opioid addiction and similar ailments. Naltrexone implants are being used as a treatment for addiction to drugs, like heroin and methadone.

Naltrexone implants will be administered by a surgeon, who is a qualified person in the treatment of opiates and there effects. To get naltrexone implants administered is a minor surgical intervention and there is a fast recovery time for patients. A small incision is made so the naltrexone implant can be inserted under the fat of the abdomen.

This procedure will be done following the administration of local anesthetic to the region, numbing it and preventing any pain to the patient. Once the incision has been made, these drug implants are inserted with a small needle before being protected with a sterile bandage.

Naltrexone works by providing a gradual release of the medicines over a period of around two to six months. These medicines work by blocking opioid receptors to help reduce opioid cravings to block the effects of opioid drugs.

As well as being used as a treatment for opiate addiction, a naltrexone implant may also be offered to aid the successful recovery of alcohol abuse by reducing the opiate effects and withdrawal symptoms associated with this addiction.

To prevent the risk of relapses and ensure that every patient has a good quality of life while treating their addiction, naltrexone implant treatment needs to also be combined with other forms of substance addiction therapy.

Benefits of Naltrexone Implants

There are many benefits that can come from this kind of naltrexone treatment and it is considered a great option for opioid addiction, such as heroin, morphine, codeine and methadone as well as many other drugs.

If you are addicted to an opiate or alcohol and want to regain a good quality of life, then consider the benefits that naltrexone implants can provide which include:

With these benefits in mind, naltrexone implants can be an extremely effective addiction treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, especially in regards to opiate addiction such as the use of heroin.

Naltrexone Implants Cost

The cost of naltrexone implant treatment starts at Β£550 for a three month period.

Implants can be offered for a period of three months to 12 months, based on your needs, the rate of recovery and even the opioids you’ve been using. The total cost can vary based on the length of time you want to use the implant and the way you want it administered.

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You should only work with a qualified surgeon and ensure that you are using other tools to aid your recovery, such as therapy.

Risks of Naltrexone Implants

While there is a high recovery rate for this kind of drug addiction treatment, it is important to note that there are also some risks and side effects for patients to be aware of.

This applies to any kind of drug treatment, especially those that deal with opioids because of how damaging these can be to the body and mind.

There are two kinds of side effects commonly associated with these implants: those related to the drug itself and those related to the insertion. In terms of the procedure to get the implant, there is a risk of skin infection. An infection can be caused by the wound itself, implant rejection or even an allergic reaction from the patient.

The medication can also cause side effects, such as:

This medication also results in a loss of tolerance for opioids by blocking receptors, which means the risk of opioid overdose following the treatment is high. This is why recovery should also involve other treatments for opiates and alcohol to prevent relapse and overdose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Naltrexone Implant FDA Approved?

Naltrexone Implants are an FDA approved medication for the treatment of addiction to opiates.

How Long Do Naltrexone Implants Last?

A Naltrexone implant can last between 2 to 12 months, based on the plan you choose.

Does Naltrexone Block Euphoria?

When Naltrexone Implants are used for opiates the medicine does block endorphin receptors to prevent euphoria.

The implants can also be used in treatment for alcohol abuse, as well as opiates.

Does Naltrexone Work Right Away?

There are two peak fields marked when Naltrexone is taken, around two hours after and two to three days following the surgery.

Does Naltrexone Reverse Opioid?

Taking Naltrexone with opioids in your system can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

How Does Naltrexone Affect The Brain?

Naltrexone is used to block the receptors of opioids to reduce cravings and encourage abstinence.

Where Do Naltrexone Implants Go?

Naltrexone Implants are inserted under a layer of fat in the abdomen.


If you or a loved once is dealing with addiction to opioids, then you may want to consider whether you want to receive treatment of this kind. It has a high success rate and can be an effective way to handle the urges and mental distress that comes with this kind of addiction.

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With a slow release of medication into the body’s systems, this is a long term solution that is suitable for a range of people.

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