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Marijuana use is often not seen as a bad thing by a lot of people who smoke weed or their friends and partners. However, smoking weed can lead to drug abuse of other drugs in addition to an addiction to marijuana.

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Often referred to as a ‘gateway drug’, marijuana has the mistaken reputation of not being addictive. It has been found that marijuana can have a similar effect on the human body as alcohol has, and those who have alcohol dependency are more likely to become dependent on or addicted to smoking pot.

Helping Your Partner Overcome a Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is often used by people to help unwind, and most people who smoke cannabis will liken it to legal substances such as alcohol or when they smoke cigarettes. This is not the case. The reality of marijuana use is that the smell of it permeates through a house when smoked, and this habit can quickly affect a relationship in the same way as other substance abuse.

The latest official data shows around 10% of those who use cannabis will become dependent on it; the number of people who will then move to harder drugs is more difficult to determine. If cannabis use begins during the teenage years or earlier, the chance of becoming dependent increases by seven times.

Not everyone who partakes in Mary Jane smokes it frequently or even regularly. However, if you find that your partner is changing due to their drug use or you want to have a better life with your partner, it may be time to begin discussing their cannabis use.

It is important to understand that addiction does not stop your partner from being a good person and that although you may hate their current behaviour, there is hope for improvement. Addiction is also high in those with mental health issues, and it is not as simple as just deciding to stop smoking when you are a drug addict.

Weed Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Smoking cannabis can have negative side effects even when you are not high anymore, if you spend time with your partner and they begin to exhibit any of the below symptoms, it could be an indicator of cannabis addiction.

Lack of Interest in Activities

Losing interest in activities that have previously brought enjoyment is a classic sign of addiction and often one of the first outward signs that are noticed by loved ones. Changes in interests in their life can often be linked to when an addict begins to spend more time thinking about pot and how to access this without being noticed.

Strong Cravings

Cravings are part of the life of a person with an addiction and are a definite red flag when deciding if someone needs support with their drug use. Cravings may not seem like something that would be outwardly noticeable. However, you may realize when your cravings are affecting your partner due to changes in their behaviour.

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Cravings are often associated with tics of various kinds and also with sleep issues; information about managing cravings is widely available through various addiction groups.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms occur when someone stops using drugs, and there will be some element of withdrawal from any drug, whether cannabis or heroin. However, the type and severity of symptoms will vary depending on several factors and the length of the drug addiction.

Symptoms of withdrawal will be worse if someone goes cold turkey and stops all drug-taking immediately. However, this can mean beating marijuana addiction more quickly than reducing it over time. Symptoms will be worst for the first week and then may become more manageable, but medical advice should be sought immediately if someone becomes unwell when withdrawing from substances.

Increased Tolerance

The longer someone smokes cannabis, the more they will need to imbibe to have the same amount of impact on their system. If you have stopped smoking and then returned at a later time, your tolerance may temporarily be lower, which is when more severe effects can happen.

Ignoring Negative Consequences

Apathy toward consequences is another very common side effect of drug misuse; the person who is addicted is more invested in the substance they need than in what will happen if they continue to take it.

How to Talk to Your Boyfriend About His Addiction

Addiction is a very emotive subject and one that both parties in a relationship are not often in the same place. It is often observed that one partner identifies the problem, and the person with substance issues is often resistant to discussing this.

When beginning a conversation with your partner, you must speak to them in a straightforward manner about what you have observed and how you are feeling. We completely understand that when you begin speaking about this, you may need to get advice from someone who has been in the same situation.

You can find information about assistance groups online if you require advice.

Cannabis Misuse

Although the effects of cannabis misuse are not as immediately harmful as some substances, it is unlikely you will suffer a heart attack caused by smoking, for example. However, there are long-term effects caused by excessive use of marijuana; most commonly, this causes issues with mental health.

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Mental health issues increase with marijuana use, and marijuana can be used by people struggling with existing mental health issues. Hence, it is often necessary to address both the mental health issue and marijuana issues separately.

Risks of Marijuana

Long-term use of marijuana can permanently reduce your IQ and impact cognition, in addition to impacting mental health. It can also affect the development and health of a baby if there is excessive smoking around a pregnant woman.

There are also negative impacts on those who drive while using marijuana due to slower reactions to hazards. Marijuana will also show on a drug test if it is suspected that there is a substance issue.

Is your partner addicted to weed? Are you looking for addiction treatment? We can offer rehab for weed UK.

Being addicted to marijuana can be dangerous in some cases. To find out more about the risks, please make sure to contact us.

Treatment Options for Weed Addiction

There are several options for treatment which include medically managing withdrawal through a treatment facility either on an in-patient or out-patient basis.

Therapy can also be useful to deal with the underlying reason for cannabis use, and there are also therapies available for the entire family and relationships too.

A lot of people also find the 12-step programme very beneficial.

If you are planning to stop using cannabis, a no-obligation treatment and addiction assessment can be the best place to start.

“My boyfriend is a weed addict and with the help of Addiction Rehab Clinics, he has now managed 3 months without any marijuana. We are both so grateful to Addiction Rehab Clincs, as there had been a number of issues within our relationship due to his weed addiction. Thank you so much!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana is addictive.

The chemicals within marijuana can change your brain chemistry which makes it difficult to quit using it.

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana can be seen as a gateway drug.

This will depend on who is using marijuana, but it is often linked to people moving on to harder substances at a later time.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Smoking Pot?

If you are looking to stop your boyfriend from smoking pot, it is important that you speak to him about it.

We recommend staging an intervention.

It is not possible to force someone to stop smoking weed, but you can offer help and advice.

How Addictive is Marijuana?

10-30% of people who use marijuana develop a marijuana addiction.

Despite being only a small percentage, marijuana addiction can have dangerous side effects.

If you would like to know how to overcome marijuana addiction, please make sure to speak to a member of our team.

Can Someone Get Addicted to Weed?

It is possible to get addicted to weed.

Is Weed a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana can be a gateway drug.

If you need help to overcome marijuana as a gateway drug, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Deal with a Weed Addict Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is struggling with a weed addiction and you are looking for help and support, our rehab centre offers various treatments.

It is recommended to talk to your boyfriend about his marijuana use and if it is severe, you can then advise him to visit a professional.

If your boyfriend smokes weed occasionally, this may not be an addiction. If you are worried about the use, make sure you put time aside to speak to each other about it.

Does Weed Lower Your IQ?

Researchers have found that regular use of cannabis can lower your IQ.


Is your boyfriend addicted to weed? We can help you.

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